magical mermaid moments

Nothing fishy, just Family friendly fun

Mermaid entertainers are now available in NSW. For new years day in Newcastle I finally completed  my latest mermaid costume and I’m so happy with it. I have a long term personal history with dressing up as a mermaid for art and entertainment. 

Mermaid roving entertainers are  a good way to work with a sea themed event and are perfect for beachy encounters.  

Children adore mermaids for they are quite good for day time family events or with LED options for evenings.

Sea Themed Roving Characters – Mermaid entertainers

Are you looking for a circusy sea theme for your event? This character can use a range of props and can be paired with stilt walking pirates (who juggle knives).
Props available

  • Custom Silk fans
  • Bubbles (kids love them)
  • Poi and silk flags
  • LED wings
  • LEDfans

mermaid and pirate troupe

Salt Ash – Port Stevens Council -> Soulfire Circus mermaid troupe includes 2 dancing mermaids, 1 mermaid on stilts and a knife juggling stilting pirate

Roving mermaid – New Years Day

Mermaid costume detail -sea crown & seahorse

Original Illustration -character concept meluseana queen of the deep – watercolour

I have a long standing history with Mermaids

I’ve drawn and illustrated a mermaid colouring in book which included some of my other water gaudian characters like the electric Naga ( nagas are river spirits) This version of my costume has had a few revisions while back in the 90’s I posed for these loverly photos by Sand Hall taken in Wollongong