Kirce is a standalone Act commissioned  by the fabulous Helen Hopcroft

She can be performed either on stage (LED) or outdoors (fire)

“Welcome, weary travellers sit and rest a moment, take some rest,  imbibe some elixir,

for I have a tail to tell …

They called me many things: a goddess, a sorceress, a seductress, I was all their fears manifested into a female form, mirrored Into monstrosity all that they could not control or tame. 

Legend has it I turned men into swine!  A great enchantress with powers of transmutation and alchemy but honestly, such an enchantment was not hard to achieve I simply gave them permission to manifest their truest forms. 

A permission I will grant you on this very night – so when you see something you like squeal , yes squeal squeal with delight



Full  Act 8-10 mins


Fire or LED options available

Take a deep dive into history – as we embody Circe/Kirce legendary sorceress, The original enchantress famous for turning men into swine.

Continuing my exploration of female villains (I’m calling it my #villanera) I put together this act based on the archetypal figure of Circe. Mother of monsters, witch, knower of plant medicines. Circe is often vilified as a “man hater” She is the original alchemist unleashing people’s truest forms in retaliation for how she is treated.

Banished by the gods for using plants & herbs Circe invents a whole new form of magic.

This act has three sections:
1) sword balance /smoke and or lazor fingers (requires a smoke machine)

2) monologue and audience interaction- written by me – yes I write things!

3) spellbound dance – fans (LED or fire)

Expect flying pigs, weirdness, feminism, history, occult themes & general chaos as we enchant audiences and make them spellbound.

*Audience participation included

Novels read as research for this work

(Yes reading is fundamental)

Circe – Madeline Miller

The odyssey – homer

kirce - LED fans
casting spells on my audiences