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Bug is my STEAM /STEM character.
Not only will she amaze you with her majestic colours and blinky lights, as she flutters her beautiful but possibly toxic wings though crowds.

She simultaneously delights and terrifies, a creature of the dusk and dawn accompanied by the never-ending sounds of summer she will swish and float through any crowd.

Shes coded hard coded and art coded there are if statements on her wings curly brackets and wild card statements {*}.

Bug is a tribute to 1944 Grace Hopper, a female mathematician found the reason why her computers were not working was a moth had got stuck in a relay. She found it and taped the moth into a log book with the word bug next to it and since then we have been using the term “bug” for computer issues.

As a female person who works with computers in an artist mannor i often struggle with the perception that all programmers are male. We talk so much about stem in schools in Australia and it annoys me ..

firstly it should be steam ( lets put the art back in ! ) because without art there’s no design thinking. and honestly, design is just as important as code.

Secondly, there’s no way you’re going to encourage young women to code if all the projects are cars, rocket ships and male-coded. We need projects that females would want to make!

# Bug is driven by ardinos (flora’s) – I soldered and programmed them to make her lights that’s as much part of her as her performative aspects.

#bug at night – LED Antenna and glow /uv wings
#bug – after dark spreading her wings!
#bug at – the sydney Mardi Gra 2019
#bug -detail three finger salute
#bug -newcastle herald
#bug – Moon worshiping