I perform with fire, there are so many names for this I don’t know how to describe it.  Fire dancer seems to stick because I have spent years being a dancer  dancing is in my bones and the rythym is in my feet.

Fire performers can also be called fire artists and that’s a good term to as i like to think of drawing shapes with fire and am experimenting with static fire images.

Some performers call themselves flow performers because of the smooth flow of one trick to another or the state of being that allows this to happen.

I’ve even seen the words fire bender, fire spinner… the choices are endless but in the end the result is the same I like to play with fire and people seem to like watching me do that.


I am based in New South Wales  Australia but I do like to travel and go to festivals both national and abroad feel free to contact me for enquiries about  deals for festivals that may involve  roving characters workshops and fire performances .

I work collaboratively with a bunch of talented people  including Ruido flamenco
and soulfire circus this year I’ve been focusing on circus skills and clowning developing roving characters and skills . 

In the past I’ve been a solo bellydancer and a long standing member of tribal jewels dance co.  I am also a visual artist and graphic designer this work can be viewed on my pixelmorph site