Whether you want a solo fire dancer for your event or are scaling up to duos trios & larger troups - we have a range of experienced and highly skilled fire artists dancers & perfomers ready to thrill your audience & warm up your event.

We value saftey highly in our performances and have an exceptional track record of great fire shows that showcase dance, creativity and talent.

Our dancers are diverse, we value diversity of body shape, age culture & sexual orientation.

For bubble mermaids, mermaid perfomers , roving fin folk or sea themed unusal add ons for you events. We provide HUGE bubbles & roving rainbow fun.

"We put our troubles into bubble and blow them all away"


We offer classes, workshops & private tuition in:

Book a roving character or act for daytime festivals & events.

Need something weird & wonderful? challenge us to build you something unique for your next event.

Bug - A giant moth whos out of this world

We have Light dancers (LED acts )  too !
brighten up your night without saftey risks & on a budget!

Our skiled  dancers  have LED illuminated props such as : fans, dragon staff & Poi .

LED props alllow us to rove and do far more audience interaction. We have Light dancers suitable for both  inside and outside venues.

Illuminating dark spaces, causing rainbow riots & explosions of colour, add some glorious glow to you next event.

Ifritah - magical and creative performances - Fire LED and unusual roving characters

Why ifritah?

An. ifrit ,ifreet ,efrit is a fire spirit within a Middle Eastern definition. a djinn or westerniesed  “genie”. My personal history with bellydance in forms much of my performance practice.
Combining fire and bellydance, flamenco & other forms of cultural dance to make a unique modern mix for our audience that is both compelling and unusual.

Why fire dance /fire dancers?

I could use the word  “fire spinner or fire twirler, these are also common names for what we do, we can also call it object manipulation, fire  juggling (we do throw and catch) or fire theatre (we bring the drama and tell stories through dance).

fire dance

I chose to value dance in my practice, movement is my medicine and although circus tricks are great its the combination of movement and music that we are most attracted too, it’s our fire choreographies that make us unique and different from many other performers.  and its the fact we work together in large scale fire shows with 3- 10 dancers that  brings a new epicness to our shows!