Kids poi workshops – great for school holiday programs

kids poi workshop

Come play poi – we are going to move, spin, giggle, play & learn.

Poi is a simple, fun, and effective way to engage children of all ages and abilities. Help kids develop key physical and cognitive skills as they improve all the aspects well being as well as encouraging creativity through expressive movement.

What is Poi ?

Poi is a weight on a cord, and poi spinning is the act of spinning that weight in circles around your body. Sound simple? It is!

And it’s also super fun, affordable, and scientifically proven to help your brain and body feel amazing.

Delivered by a certified –Spinpoi instructor

Poi originated with the Māori people of New Zealand, and is a cultural treasure (taonga) still practised today. We include Maori language & culture into our practice in honour of this.


All poi provided (we make our own special soft poi just for kids!  – numbers limited and parental supervision encouraged.

Poi spinning is an easy skill that will keep kids engaged for hours on end. As a form of play based learning, poi is a great activity for children of all ages.
Playing poi  can help fine-tune motor skills, foster muscle development, and activate the brain.

Parallel Play refers to, playing near or alongside another person. It is a developmental phase of childhood development. The act of participating in building social boundaries by playing along side a peer offers a variety of learning opportunities, especially when adults facilitate interactions through creating an engaging environment.

This stage of play is a crucial stepping stone in navigating friendships. It’s an opportunity to practice social interactions in a “safe” manner as young children play side-by-side.