Book a bubbleologist !

A bubbleologist is a skilled performer who specializes in the art of creating and manipulating bubbles. Also known as a bubble artist, they captivate audiences with mesmerizing bubble shows that showcase their expertise in creating various sizes and shapes of bubbles.

Giant bubbles are  a great fit for rainbow gatherings, familiy freindly events (kids go wild!) , festivals and parties.

A bubbleologist’s performances combine elements of science, artistry, and entertainment, as they demonstrate the magical and fleeting beauty of bubbles in a visually stunning and engaging manner.

Our most popular bubble artists are ourt bubble mermaids – great for sea themes and small humans.

Our bubble mermaids are shiney, body positive and diverse (*inc people of colour and LGBT folk) we strongly belive that representation matters. And EveryBODY can be a mermaid !

For more information about my artistic history with mermaids check out my blog post

  • Do you have a theme?
  • I like to work collaboratively with other amazing performers and freinds - we recomend pairs of bubble mermaids for big events for impact and saftey
  • I Do like to give back to my community and will do a special discount of 10% if you are a legitimate fundraiser or charity event
  • We mostly operate in Newcastle and the hunter valley but have reasonable travel rates, please tell us if we need to travel and book accommodation for your gig.
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“we put our troubes into bubbles
& we blow them all away”

magical mermaid moments
bubble mermaid making a fish face - lake macquarie

“A bubbleologist is an entertainer or artist
that works with bubbles!
– it’s science, it’s art
and most of all its fun!”