Ever wanted to fan and just don’t know where to start? My fantastic fan formations choreography will teach you an easy choreography with options for structured improvisations for those who wish to have a small solo slot.

 Based on fat chance and Australians mistress of fusion Devi’s ( Caravan Dance Company ) formations with some basic steps and easy fan technique.

This choreography  is suitable for a range of fans (including short fans, folding fans and fire fans of all types)

It’s a fun choreography you can do in groups of three or larger or just to learn something new.

When working on light it up I put together a large. Group choreography for fans, we had a range of performers with diverse and different skill sets, so the challenge was to put together something that everyone could participate in but still challenge people with fan skills.

I worked as a troupe member in a fat chance style Bellydance  Group
(tribal jewels) for many years and learnt quite a lot about group formations and improvisation during this time so I brought some of that fusion style to this choreography.

So far I’ve taught this workshop at
glowfest  – people really enjoyed it and we packed the renegade stage with fan folks (we almost couldn’t fit there were so many of us ) what a joy!
Newcastle Bellydance festival– in march 2022
roundabout circus – central coast
and wonderland gathering – southwest rocks for essence of ardour bellydance


teaching fan foramtions for begginers at glowfest

Here’s the huge group we had a glowfest you might recognise my circuss wooden practice fans – I built them for workshops like this so I can make sure everyone gets a got at Russian grip fans !

This was an absolute riot – so many fan folk working together.. I would have never dreamed it was even possible.

Below is an example of a trio doing the choreography on fire at the mina building in lake Macquarie (loverly venue) for lake Macquarie councils dobel festival.

Class notes and helpful hints -for sun beginner fan workshop - / fantastic fan formations


The song is called varshaver  its a clOZee and bulkan bump – and it’s glorious!

fantastic fan formations - begginer fan workshop notes