LED props of all KInds  we have a unique range of LED Dancers on our books ready to add a bit of colour to your next illuminated event.

Light dancers - roving & stage acts

Creative illuminated stage and roving entertainment, light dancers and glow creatures that will surprise your guests and add colour to your nightime events.

We have all the blinky lights – we bring the rainbow vibes!

🔥 Dive into a mesmerizing spectacle as LED dancers electrify the stage, turning the dark canvas of the night into a vibrant masterpiece of movement and color. With every spin, twirl, and leap, our light dancers paint an unforgettable visual experience for your audience.


✨ From the shimmering beats of the creative illuminated stage to the captivating wonders of roving glow creatures, we promise a sensory delight that will leave your guests spellbound! 🌈


💡 Got a penchant for the extraordinary? Revel in the unexpected as glow creatures meander among the crowd, delivering delightful surprises. Plus, our roving illuminated characters bring interactive fun, forging unforgettable memories.


🎉 Not just dancers, but a spectrum of glow entertainment awaits! Be mesmerized by our LED juggle acts, feel the rhythm with our flow shows, and get lost in the vibrant dance of colors.


🌈 We don’t just have lights – we ARE the embodiment of rainbow vibes! Come, join the luminous extravaganza and brighten up your nighttime events like never before. 🌟


Because when the sun goes down, our lights dance up! 💃🕺🔥🎇

  • Do you have a theme?
  • I like to work collaboratively with other amazing performers and freinds
  • I Do like to give back to my community and will do a special discount of 10% if you are a legitimate fundraiser or charity event
  • We mostly operate in Newcastle and the hunter valley but have reasonable travel rates, please tell us if we need to travel and book accommodation for your gig.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

What is an LED dancer anyhow?

LED dance or LED dancers sometimes ive even ben called a “light dancer”  is a dancing act, or object / prop manipulation act  (juggling poi or fans -even hoops) includes some of the latest LED technology. The LED lights are built-in or sewn to the outside of costumes in various patterns or shapes.

We have a variety of options both LED costumes such as LED wings, and even an optical fiber dress
optical fibre whips that are great for stages and roves along with  LED versions of everything we do fire shows with so that’s