Workshops ~ movement as medicine

I have a variety of workshops available for a range of festivals and day or night activities.
Most workshops are, either an hour or an hour and a half long. We believe in the ethos of radical inclusion that means if I need to tailor your workshop to suit your cultural needs, physical disabilities or neurodiversity that is quite possible and welcome.
We have worked with a range of cultural groups, special needs, or at-risk groups using circus skills for holistic health and wellbeing including:

  • LGBTI youth
  • Indigenous youth
  • Children of recent immigration ( refugee children) with no or low English levels

Workshop Types

Silk fans

Beginners SIlk fans workshop can cover –
Warm ups, breathing – making shapes & moving with fans.

Poi Workshops

ifritah spinning fire poi
image by jorg Leaman

Poi are an amazing prop to play with, as they combine dance, juggling and prop manipulation skills. Poi will make you use both sides of your brain and can be both challenging and fun. This workshop will focus on crowd pleasing moves like spiral wraps/hand wraps, tosses and beautiful turns.

*Warning, you’re going to laugh a lot and possibly hit yourself with a poi..

Character Creation Workshops

Students sitting at a table with bright costumes
image by @iqishere
Student working with moths silk wings and backback - glowfest
image by @iqishere
Trying on masks - custome made felt sceleton mask - glowfest
image by @iqishere

Explore character creation through visual storytelling and costume.
We talk about :
props, colours, kinetic movement to explore and make our costume creations and roves better.

Fan workshop (Russian grip) & Bellydance movement

if your new to fire fans (Beginner) or fan curious let me take you on a journey of discovery – I have several years of experience. in both Bellydance and working with fire fans. I love to show people the fluidness and grace of Russian-style spinning.

This was actully a fan jam - but I did teach fans at glowfest
image by @iqishere

Fire safety Workshop

Explore fire safety for spinners and fire marshals
I’d like to make our industry better and safer for now and into the future – I’m happy to share my skills tips and advice.

  • How to fire marshal safely
  • Putting out (extinguishing) a range of props
  • Common fire spinning fuels (Australia)
  • What should be in your fire performance kit
  • Running fire circles