The baroness of bubbles - steampunk rove and bubbleshow

“Meet the Baroness of Bubbles, our esteemed steampunk Bubblologist! With a lifelong dedication to the science and art of bubbles, she conducts ethereal journeys into a world of wonder, with a little magic in Every Sphere.

To complement the steampunk aesthetic, our costumes exude Victorian elegance, featuring corsets, voluminous skirts, top hats, and chains. Adding splashes of vibrant colour, parasols, and silk fans will complete the ensemble. We are pretty sure the baroness was not born into aristocracy and in fact bought her title from money she invested into  “new technology” such as the mighty steam engine.

She may well be a mad inventor for shes certainly got quite a few tricks up her sleeve and has deep understanding of the science of bubbles, traveling around the world as she does.

Her bubble cart is a tiny but incredibly cute train which makes her perfect for any train-related celebration.

Kids of all ages delight in bubble play from holding bubbles to chasing after them and string to pop them as they float overhead. The barroness is a mistress of all the shares brining bubble guns for portable bubbles, wands and goopy goodness. Shaking frothy hands for “good clean fun” and getting kids to help her blow bubbles with her “biggest fan”  – trust me its a big fan!

Shes great for outdoor events and festivals bringing bubbles large and small along with happy memories and grins around.

  • Do you have a theme?
  • I like to work collaboratively with other amazing performers and freinds - we recomend pairs of bubble mermaids for big events for impact and saftey
  • I Do like to give back to my community and will do a special discount of 10% if you are a legitimate fundraiser or charity event
  • We mostly operate in Newcastle and the hunter valley but have reasonable travel rates, please tell us if we need to travel and book accommodation for your gig.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

This is cool but I want mermaid bubbles

Bubble recipies (for kids)

Look everyone loves bubbles and while I can’t give you my secret recipe Questicon has some excellent resources to get your kids started on making cool bubbles – check out their recipe.
Go forth and science  with love and frothyness.