Staging Requirements

  • For safety reasons, we ask you to provide a well-ventilated area.
  • A performance area  of 5 meters squared is suggested
  • Ensure there are no overhanging trees, bunting or lights.

We encourage our clients to make a small deposit on their booking, deposits are not refundable.

Rain & Weather

Have a rain plan –  weather it’s moving to a covered area or using LEDS inside – I recommend having a plan for both rain and total fire bans.

Fire Marshal

I employ my own fire marshal for gigs this is the safest approach to performing and I concider it best practice to have someone who is fully trained in case of incidents. This may add to the cost of performances however its the best risk reduction strategy for both me and my audience.

Risk Assessments

I frequently fill out complex risk assessments for both fire gigs and other circus acts- if this is required just ask.

Standard fire safety

  • We prioritise safety for both our performers and our clients and can make a site visit and do both an informal and formal risk assessment of the venue (both for indoor and outdoor venues)
  • Fire safe costuming is worn by our well trained & experienced fire performers.
  • Our performers carry their own  Fire blankets, Wet towels, Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the specific fuel(s) or additives they are using.


  • A trained fire marshal (spotter )is supplied for all fire performances. The cost is built into our fee – we don’t light up without one.
  • We use  the world’s cleanest  fuel so there is less odor and fumes.  (kerosene stinks! and is actually pretty toxic)This makes indoor twirling possible and reduces impacts for the audience and performers alike
  • weather will be checked on the day and in planning to ensure a toban is not in place and conditions are safe to burn. If  fire is not possible we offer a fantastic LED show. (My LED equipment cost several thousands of dollars and is the best you can buy)

Insurance – all of our perfomers anre ensured and most have a working with children check. I personally train both my performers and marshals to a higher than average standard for safety as we believe in leading the way to a more professional fire-spinning community by example.