If you are on this page you or your dance group have been invited to join us for a performance at Riverlights in October 2024

The shared language of dance collaborative dance and documentary aims to combine forces with local dancers and dance groups, to make a combined dance that we can perform together on the main stage of riverlights as part of the final.

– both video and in person collaboration culminating in a group dance of many cultures. with dancer troupes using the shared dance elements as transitions to come on and of as the showcase a few special moves.

What we need to get started!

Share your dance (simple chorus line)
Dance leaders/teachers  to make a video with three tofour easy steps – these will be done by the chorus line (all the dancer learn these steps and do them together)!
we recommend a clean background, 3x 8 counts (repetition is our friend)

)of each step from the back and from the front and break down anything you think may be tricky.

(with a backstory eg this step comes from .. place has this feeling, is used in this context anything you wish to share.

see our examples below to get an idea
Then check out the group dance section


Indonesia has many different cultures and dances so we are branding them by what island they come from .


Climate:hot tropical
over 52 languages spoken !

The name comes from Sanskrit names of Svarṇadvīpa (‘Island of Gold’)  and Svarṇabhūmi (‘Land of Gold’)



Kalimantan is derived from the Sanskrit word Kalamanthana, which means “burning weather island” or “very hot island”

climate hot and tropical
sometimes called “Indonesian Borneo”  not all of this island belongs to Indonesia parts of it are Brunei and East Malaysia..


The name Sulawesi possibly comes from the words sula (“island”) and besi (“iron”) and may refer to the historical export of iron from the rich Lake Matano iron deposits.

Volcanic, mountainous interior.

Haveing trouble -?

heres a link to all the videos in the Indonesian section in a downloadable format (google drive) if you need online access


Showcase your group dance

We would like  a small showcase of your dance elements from your group and or students.This would be a maximum of 3 min each group

This can be to any family freindly music (we can cut a track) and you would be center stage while others do the chorus move  (above) from your country  with a leader form your group if possible.

teacher training and group rehersals

Teacher training
once we have all the videos…

A group gathering of all teachers – to teach steps to other dance teachers in person is part of the plan.

Time for students to practice ( at least 3 sessions per studio )


working with a videographer for this project and give back good quality video to each teacher to use to promote both this project and their dance classes online.


venue hire -pat huges https://www.maitland.nsw.gov.au/facilities/pat-hughes-community-centre is large enough and costs 50 per hour on a weekend or 24 weekdays


all together rehearsals
3 group (all) rehearsals of the whole work before october.