Mermaid card & sticker pack

The mermaid card  & sticker pack contains:

1 X holographic mermaid sticker
5  X mermaid cards

The artwork on the cards is hand drawn by me and is 100% original

Current cards  mermaid representations in the pack are :

Selkie  – Selkies are mythological creatures that can shapeshift between seal and human forms by removing or putting on their seal skin
Tattoo mermaid – shes feirce shes deadly ! shes going to wack you with that trident!
Oceana – goddess of the sea she has great hair and is surrounded by turtles
Ningo – japanese  human faced fish
Deep water dreaming – a calm sea and the moon

– I usally charge $4 per card so the sticker is extra value – I hope you gift them to all your mermaid freinds
Thankyou for supporting my art practice

All cards are 11.50mm  X 18.5




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