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Here are my durable throwable fans. Named “circuss” because you will cuss when you drop them on your toe ( trust me I road-tested them).
These simple but reliable wooden fans have a circus-inspired pattern, and rounded corners and are small in frame by 3-inch grips  – often referred to as “Russian grip”.
They are handmade by a fan fanatic for fan folks across Australia. (Sorry  can’t ship internationally yet)

Thes can come in a range of colours – I usally try for fluro or super bright colours but. a custom order will be any colour you wish

Thickness :6 mm
Grip diameter : 8 mm (3 inches)

Height: 54 cm
Width: 34 cm

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  • Made by Australian prop manipulators
  • Comes in all colours of the rainbow
  • Sustainable wooden fans

What is Russian grip fan  anyhow?

Russian grip fans or big ring fans have been around for a while this refers to the grip of the fan being a nice unimpeded circle of around 3 inches or bigger.
For me it’s my preferred style of fan technique as it’s very fluid.

here’s an example of Russian grip spinning  by the amazing teacher and artist  maiya prokanzia  ( though let me be clear it’s not a product endorsement shes just a legend)

Why wooden practice fans?

I chose to make wooden fans because at heart I’m a bit of an environmentalist – I wanted fans that would not add to the amount of plastic in the world. Also, I can’t afford a CNC router! To be honest I was breaking fans (I do throw mine around a lot) and decided I needed to make my own so I can have as many fans as I like!  and also replace them if they break.
Each fan is currently made from two layers of laser-cut plywood to provide both strength and lightness, I wanted to build wooden practice fans that encourage people to fan more often and are easy for beginners to learn on.
We also have “pretty”  fancy fans (“lovelace” ) that are for daytime performances and have a lace-inspired design though not as durable they are quite lovely.

Made in Australia

These Russian grip practice fans are handmade in Australia, they are made with love and care but may contain imperfections from the process
They come in sets of two and can be purchased in :

  • Raw Wood (no finish just sanded)
  • Colours  (I have a few in stock or can paint some more )
  • Custom Colours (roll your own way, we are all about rainbows)


Need to learn how to use Russian grip fans?

Well we do offer lessons and also do travelling workshops


Other resources for Russian grip fans we recommend are:

Home of fans (REM)

fire fans school (maiya prokanzia )

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 55 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Custom, Purple

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