As an artist living in the Hunter Valley – I’ve been looking to work with some of our amazing local wineries & other venues in Pokolbin New South Wales and this New years I got a fantastic opportunity to do just that for the amazing folks at the Goldfish bar & Restaurant. The hunter valley is very much in my backyard and it’s truly spectacular country. I love putting together fire shows on a theme.

“Havana nights” – latin themed fire duo & live flamenco performance

Fire performer - hunter valley winery - fire fans with sparks flying, shes on a wodden stage with a gold matador like jacket.

As a “fire dancer “- my performances are very physical and I pour many influences into my personal style including Bellydance, but for this performance, I drew on some flamenco, tango & other Latino dance forms.

20 minute latin & flamenco inspired fire show

A standard fire show for a single fire performer is a recommended maximum of 15 minutes, but for a duo (two fire dancers )one dancer can take a breath and gather her props while the other is performing and this is great. We try to make this a seamless experience so the crowd stay engaged at all times but also have some pieces where the dancers work together with a choreography.

Fire duo with fire fans - hunter valley  fire performers
What’s hotter than one fire performer? Two
especially with fire fans, that’s 12 wicks of blazing glory right there!


One of the highlights of this night for me was watching my flamenco teacher Daya from Newcastle Flamenco Dance perform in the first set – I love her style it’s just so authentic and her husband Paco is a fantastic Andalusian guitarist.

As a personal favor, I asked if Paco would play a song for me ( I had to promise not to set fire to his guitar) So I got to do a live improvisational piece with my fire fingers which was just a magical way to bring in the new year working artistically with my talented friends and community creating new forms of flamenco fire fusion pushing boundaries and experimenting.

fire flamenco fusion - fire show

I would love to work with more wineries and I think what can offer is truly unique so if your looking to add some spicy entertainment for your next event think of adding a fire duo or even a trio to your event for spectacular and sparkly results.

fire show - fire fans - matador costume - latin theme flamenco inspired
fire show - dragon staff
fire show - fire duo - dragon staff
Fire show - dragon staff  - latin themed  in a winnery in the hunter valley