It’s hard to explain what I do sometimes.. so I end up with ” I combine bellydance and fire” and I’ve been doing that for over 5 years now.

So sometimes I stuggle with the word “bellydance” as it is such a big term that encompasses many styles. As a dancer who’s been dancing in various middle eastern styles ( Bellydance or bellydance) for over 20 years and my journey has been long and windy (but the best journeys often are).

I would not call my style cabaret – though I have in the long distant past worked in restaurants in that style, I have also studied and loved Egyptian (Ghwazzee- yes I’ve actually danced with one) and Turkish and Indian (Kalbeliya) folk traditions with a focus on ROM /nomadic & gypsy culture .

It was through American tribal style (ATS) and tribal fusion that I started to first combine Bellydance and fire for performances and at its core my dance and costume reflect that. I’m interested in being a fierce and wild female presence an untamable force of nature, like the fire I play with.

fire fingers photo by Amanda James
fire bellydance

I work with a variety of props :

Fire fingers – a loverly light prop that emphasises finger gestures (flamenco or Kalbeliya)

Palm candles – Great for crowds/ intimate spaces and troupes

POI – bigger flames that make beautiful shapes as you dance and require more skills.

Fans – I have two types of fans ( small and HUGE) the huge ones are somewhat of a crowd-pleaser there’s A LOT of fire. Technically they are Russian grips – they integrate well with both bellydance and flemenco fusion styles.

Sword – I have a few types of fire sword too! balance swords for traditional Bellydance and battle swords….yes battle swords ! as well as a katana (Japanese)

Dragon staff – I’m working on it ! it takes little time to be skillfull enough with a prop to light it on fire.